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Chinese-English bilingual Yue Opera song


Yue Opera, also known as Shaoxing Opera, is the second most popular Chinese opera genre worldwide. The city of Shaoxing in East China's Zhejiang Province is the birthplace of Yue Opera. This tranquil and beautiful Chinese city has provided rich soil for the rise, development, and progress of the Yue Opera. If you have a chance to visit Shaoxing, you will often hear the melodies of Yue Opera in this city. 

In recent years, with the development of social media and short videos, in particular, more and more Chinese viewers choose to record their lives and post their stories online. In a video posted by a local blogger in Shaoxing, whose name is "Yue Zhou Dear Auntie" (Yue Zhou is the name of Shaoxing city in ancient China), the protagonist sings a piece of Yue Opera song in both Chinese and English: "I have a smart and admirable little sister in my family..." The song and its lyrics have attracted many foreign viewers online and have left them a deep impression. 

Shaoxing City, also known as the Cultural City of East Asia, is featured in its preservation of the diversity and inclusiveness of traditional Chinese culture. 




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