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Acrylic storage box


The application of acrylic boxes and the industries involved are quite extensive, such as household daily use, clothing industry, food industry, exhibition industry, cosmetics industry and so on. Everyone can see it in major supermarkets, specialty store counters, and exhibitions. Its main purpose is to display and display goods and artworks, and play a role in promotion and promotion. Acrylic boxes can not only be used to display products, store products, but also package products to improve the grade and texture of products.

Acrylic products can be customized according to individual needs, customers only need to provide the required customized detailed size, thickness and other details as drawings and samples. We will make a fashionable and beautiful acrylic display box according to the characteristics of the product and the requirements of customers, and then match it with the products you need to sell, a refreshing feeling will be presented immediately.

Whether it is a supermarket store or a small chain convenience store, you will find that many food boxes are made of acrylic, which can make your products high-end and elegant. The high-gloss transparency of the acrylic box allows customers to see the displayed food clearly, and the boxes are of various styles. Merchants can customize it according to the size, quantity and placement needs of the food. At the same time, acrylic is an environmentally friendly material, non-toxic and harmless. Use acrylic boxes to contain healthy food without peculiar smell, and customers can choose and eat with peace of mind. If you happen to need acrylic boxes or other acrylic products, you can contact us.

Chengdu Hongdao Signage Co., Ltd. is located in Pengzhou City, Sichuan Province. It was established on December 27, 2017. In the past few years of the company's development and growth, we have always provided customers with good products, technical support, and sound after-sales service. Our company mainly Operating signs, label design, production, sales. We provide customized services including acrylic storage boxes, acrylic packaging boxes, acrylic table cards and other products. We have strict production process and quality standards to ensure high quality every time we manufacture. The company will serve you wholeheartedly based on the principle of "service first".


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