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A new type of online job opportunity has spread through the whole Kenya under the COVID-19 lockdown. Join to increase your revenue streams!


Life has been being consistently limited from the global Covid-19 lockdown, while social isolation has also brought thrives on the short-form social video platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram. And in this situation, influencer marketing incorporating social media is a new phenomenon within the industry. For example, some non-celebrity social media influencers can pull in millions of dollars eac

YFX Launched on BSC: How Do they Benefit Each Other?


​YFX, the first decentralized exchange that offers 100x trading leverage on some derivatives, launched on BSC to help make the concept of De-Fi a reality.

Decentralized Perpetual Trading Platform YFX starts Genesis Mining


YFX, the first DEX that offers 100x trading leverage on perpetual contracts has just announced YFX token distribution plan. Anyone can participate genesis mining to get rewards of YFX token on Binance Smart Chain, Huobi Heco Chain and TRON.

SoterOne’s official website www.soterone.com is LIVE!


We are stepping into the era of data intelligence. In this era, we are enjoying the convenience brought by big data while facing the huge risk of privacy leakage. To solve this problem, SoterOne, which focuses on data privacy protection, takes advantage of this trend.

YFX - Decentralized Perpetual Trading Platform starts Genesis Mining


YFX - Decentralized Perpetual Trading Platform starts Genesis Mining

Understand What is IPv8 Technology and Why are we need BitCherry IPv8 in 5 minutes.


Internet Protocol version 8 (IPv8) .We often talk about IPv4 and IPv6, but few people know what the actual technologies are they. As we know that, IP is also called network protocol. It is responsible for the communication between the networks on the Internet and stipulates the rules that should be followed when transmitting data from one network to another. It is the core of Transmission Control

“Home Economy” Prevails under Covid-19, EA Leads a New Generation of Digital Game Platforms


​With the upgrading consumption structure of global residents, the investment in entertainments shows an upward trend. The "home economy" is accelerating, and the game industry is extremely hot. Under the influence of the Covid-19, the game industry has been further promoted by the "home economy".

TBlue is an ecological public chain, to create the third world super intelligent city 2.0 pioneer


activation of intelligent city. Create a new era. The most practical public chain

Emperor blue ecological public chain, to create the third world super intelligent city 2.0 pioneer


With the continuous progress of society, the continuous development of science and technology, the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the continuous diversification of demand, the global intelligent construction is imperative. According to the data, there are thousands of smart cities in the world. The market size is expected to be 700 billion US dollars in 2023. In order to pro

​Bitcherry BCHC Enables Blockchain Technology with Transportation


Affected by the epidemic, most Chinese people will not be able to return home for the Spring Festival this year. In 2021, the Ministry of transport expects to send about 1.7 billion passengers during the National Spring Festival transportation. In the first three days of the Spring Festival, the number of passengers sent by the national railway was 3.08 million, 2.83 million and 2.96 million respe
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