Blockchainmeets online education. Is theMIC platform a revolution or just empty talk?

The education industry has always been one of the industries with the greatest growth potential, and in this era dominated by the Internet, the traditional offline education industry is also facing huge challenges and pressures just like catering, finance, and e-commerce. According to the survey, there are hundreds of thousands of domestic education and training institutions, but 95% of them have

Newbit DEX decentralized trading platform-borderless Mining value exchange ecology

NEWBIT DEX is DLT laboratory's of decentralized financial services platform, based on DPOS + PBFT consensus building public chain technology , can achieve many types of digital assets, the transaction retroactive permanent record, transaction data is not tampered with, in true decentralized The community model helps high-quality blockchain projects achieve efficient and sound development, leading

DeFi 2.0 is coming quietly, Combo leading wealth outlet

Inthe first half of this year, DeFi shed the limelight in the digitalcurrency field, with lock-up volume exceeding 11 billion U.S. dollarsin a short period, and the number of wallet downloads exceeded 5,000.But judging from the current application of DeFi, this is just asmall test of decentralized finance in the encryption industry. Withthe participation of large institutions and large trading pla

GSFC attracts much attention The world's first blockchain super fitness ecosystem is about to set sail!

According to overseas media reports, the world's first super fitness coin GSFC, which has attracted much attention from the industry, is about to shock the world! By then, fitness enthusiasts around the world will be able to enjoy unique fitness services and a full range of pass payment experience through the GSFC ecosystem. The GSFC Global Super Fitness Coin was finally created by a group of seni

GPC global payment, the protagonist has arrived

GPC (Global payments coin) creates the world's first ecological mining payment public chain, and launches payment channels for GPC digital assets to exchange global and mainstream digital assets and legal currency, and finally form an aggregated DeFi financial platform to help users achieve true meaning Convenient, efficient and low-cost decentralized financial services.

Muculada forex in Asia

Australian company Muculada officially take root in Singapore,creating strong anchor for the Asian market.

Why is TFT token worthy of your attention and investment?

Every year, there are always new hotspots in the currency circle, and new hotspots also represent new wealth opportunities. In 2019, we witnessed the IEO boom led by exchanges. Huobi tTOP took the lead in launching a wave of fierce attacks. , Rose 10 times, and other exchanges began to follow suit, driving a wave of bull market in 19 years.

How Does TrueChain Revolutionize the DeFi Ecosystem?

Since June of this year, the trend of liquid mining has started and the DeFi market has ushered in explosive growth. Blockchain is an emerging industry, and it is normal for trending areas to continuously rotate. What is the frequent occurrence of the word DeFi? Why is it so popular? What are its development prospects? Why do so many organizations rush to deploy their DeFi ecosystem first?

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