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Asian Charity Federation and CBC Charity Foundation reached a strategic cooperation to jointly support blockchain charity

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On August 8, 2020, the Asia Charity Federation (Asia Charity Federation) and CBC Charity Foundation (CBC Charity Foundation) jointly announced that the two parties formally reached a strategic cooperation to jointly promote the application of blockchain technology in the field of charity and public welfare. The two parties signed a cooperation agreement at the side event "Blockchain promotes inclusive and sustainable development". The Asian Charity Federation will donate one million US dollars to CBC Charity Foundation. Both parties are committed to promoting the application of blockchain technology and promoting social welfare undertakings. development of.

This time the two parties can effectively reach a consensus and happily establish a strategic cooperative relationship, which is of great significance. This strategy creatively realized the perfect combination of blockchain and public welfare. It is reported that the Asia Charity Federation (Asia Charity Federation) aims to provide funding, business, technology, market, manpower, law, training and other related resources and services for blockchain technology innovation and entrepreneurship teams, and to promote blockchain + real economy applications The further landing of the scene. The blockchain public welfare ecological mutual aid platform "Charity blockchain, CBC" is a blockchain public welfare ecological mutual aid platform initiated by multiple institutions.

The Asia Charity Federation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to using blockchain technology to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Li Gong, President of the Asian Charity Federation, said: "It is an honor to host this conference. I firmly believe that blockchain technology will help accelerate the realization of Asia's sustainable development goals. CBC Charity will use technology to create a more ideal life for society and mankind. , To help achieve the goal of global poverty reduction. The cooperation between the Asian Charity Federation and the CBC Charity Foundation is an active attempt to innovate and cooperate with public funds and non-public funds. The Asian Charity Federation will increase its cooperation with non-public funds in the future. The cooperation of social welfare organizations will give full play to the operational advantages of overall linkage and comprehensive coverage to create more charity brand projects."

In this event, CBC also released its official website and donation platform for the first time, demonstrating how the donations can be fully transparent and traceable from donors to final beneficiaries.

The person in charge of CBC Charity Foundation believes that the promotion and innovation of public welfare by blockchain technology cannot be ignored. At present, blockchain applications rely more on governance models. CBC hopes to apply blockchain technology and blockchain governance ideas to public welfare, and fully implement the “openness, transparency, traceability, non-tampering, and non-tampering” of blockchain technology. With the characteristics of "decentralization and multi-node collaboration", it is fully practiced in the implementation and management of public welfare projects. In the future, CBC will also spare no effort to promote the development of blockchain + public welfare.


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