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Bio organic fertilizer


Organic fertilizers, mainly derived from plants and/or animals, are carbon-containing materials that are applied to soil to provide plant nutrition as their main function. It is processed from biological materials, animal and plant wastes, and plant residues to eliminate toxic and harmful substances, and is rich in a large number of beneficial substances, including: a variety of organic acids, peptides, and rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. nutrient elements. It can not only provide comprehensive nutrition for crops, but also has a long fertilizer effect. It can increase and renew soil organic matter, promote microbial reproduction, and improve the physical and chemical properties and biological activity of soil. It is the main nutrient for green food production. Mainly by supplying organic matter as a means to improve soil physical and chemical properties, promote plant growth and soil ecosystem circulation

Organic fertilizer, commonly known as farmyard manure, refers to a slow-acting fertilizer containing a large amount of biomass, animal and plant residues, excrement, biological waste and other substances. Organic fertilizers not only contain macroelements and trace elements necessary for plants, but also rich in organic nutrients. Organic fertilizers are the most comprehensive fertilizers. The role of organic fertilizers in agricultural production is mainly manifested in the following aspects:
1. Improve soil and fertilize soil. After the organic fertilizer is applied to the soil, the organic matter can effectively improve the physical and chemical conditions and biological characteristics of the soil, mature the soil, enhance the ability of the soil to retain and supply fertilizer and buffer, and create good soil conditions for the growth of crops.
2. increase production and improve quality. Organic fertilizers are rich in organic matter and various nutrients to provide nutrients to crops. After the organic fertilizer is decomposed, it provides energy and nutrients for soil microbial activities, promotes microbial activities, accelerates the decomposition of organic matter, and produces active substances that can promote the growth of crops and improve the quality of agricultural products.
3. Improve the utilization rate of fertilizers. Organic fertilizers contain many nutrients but relatively low relative content and release slowly, while chemical fertilizers have high unit nutrient content, few components and fast release. The two are used in a reasonable cooperation and complement each other. The organic acids generated by the decomposition of organic matter can also promote the dissolution of mineral nutrients in soil and fertilizers. Organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers promote each other, which is beneficial to crop absorption and improves the utilization rate of fertilizers.

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