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CYCJET Automatic Large Character Inkjet Printer in outer packaging industry


With the increasing demand for inkjet printers, the content, functions, resolution and other requirements for inkjet printers are increasing. Therefore, large character inkjet printers have gradually entered the eyes of users and are gradually accepted by customers.


Because of the wide variety of outer packaging products and large shipments, it is necessary to spray codes on the woven bags and cartons of their packaging products to distinguish product types and specifications.

Its varieties are diversified and it is impossible to print the desired content on the product in batches, which will increase the cost of printing. Therefore, after many investigations, large format inkjet printers are selected. This inkjet coding equipment adopts international advanced inkjet coding Technology, combined with our company's years of experience in the development and production of portable inkjet printers, and finally successfully developed and produced and put into the market. Because the  digital inkjet printing machine uses touch screen for online editing, the built-in rechargeable battery does not need to be connected to the computer, and the ink cartridge can be inserted into the ink cartridge. After inputting the content, you can directly print, and the operation is simple. The advantages of this large-character inkjet printer:




1. It can print with a maximum height of 71mm, which can meet the printing needs of physical characters and dot matrix fonts, and can print very clear and beautiful content;


2. Increase the related-file function. Relate several compiled information together, press the switch to spray the first one, and then press to spray the second one, until the last one of the associated file, and then print in cycles. In this way, not only can a single-head 71mm be achieved, but also a larger format inkjet can be achieved. The machine is simple to operate, portable, and uses all imported environmentally friendly non-polluting inks, so while saving costs for the enterprise, it also improves the work efficiency of workers;


3. The large character inkjet printer has a high resolution, which can reach 300DPI, so it can print larger fonts, logos, and barcodes. This type of font is more eye-catching on the product, which can effectively highlight the content of the print, and the print is exquisite, which can effectively add points to the product and corporate image;


4.You can print multiple lines of information. CYCJET C700 outer packaging inkjet printer, within 7CM height, there is no limit to the number of printing lines, and the smallest single line font can reach 2mm. And can print forms, product ingredient lists, etc., instead of labels, save costs!




5. The printing speed is relatively fast, and the fixed content of printing is that the linear speed of large-character printing can reach 60m/min, which lays the foundation for large-scale assembly line coding.


6. The large character inkjet printer has powerful functions. With its own touch screen, the information can be directly edited, and it can support customized software to realize the effective connection between the inkjet printer and management systems such as ERP, so that the printing information can be changed in real time, and the information can be collected in real time, which is convenient for management!


7. The Online large character coding machine is more convenient and can be well matched with the customer's production line without taking up space. Even the inkjet printer can be directly installed with the assembly line and integrated with the production line. .


CYCJET is the a brand name of Yuchang Industrial Company Limited. As a manufacturer, CYCJET have more than 15 years of experience on R & D smart inkjet coding and fly laser printing solutions in Shanghai China. The manufactured machine have large character handheld inkjet printer, fly laser marking machine, high resolution inkjet printer, DOD hand jet printer, TIJ Inkjet Printer.

Contact Person: David Guo

Telephone: +86-21-59970419 ext 8008

MOB:+86-139 1763 1707

Email: sales@cycjet.com


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