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Cold Pressed Sesame Oil isThe Healthy Seasoning

2020-07-17 https://www.jolionfoods.com/

People are paying more and more attention to dietary health issues. Oriental seasoning with a long history has gradually returned to people's vision. Among them, cold pressure sesame oil has been loved by consumers because of its health and delicious characteristics. 

Jolionfoods is an enterprise specializing in Oriental seasoning and Chinese food. It has a long experience in the production of seasoning products and has obtained multiple certificate certifications. The cold pressed sesame oil is obtained by squeezing raw sesame seeds, and its color is light, which is completely different from the color and aroma of sesame oil in supermarkets and it is ideal for seasoning, dressings, hotpot and cold foods.It is suitable for any kinds of dishes and with strong sesame aroma.It is also rich in vitamins and essential trace elements such as iron, zinc and copper. 

Cold-fried sesame oil is rich in vitamin E, has a good antioxidant effect, and also contains high concentrations of fatty acids, which has a good preventive effect on arthritis and osteoporosis. It also has the effect of lowering blood pressure, inhibiting cholesterol absorption and maintaining cardiovascular health. The most important thing is that cold-pressed sesame oil is cooked in many ways, with strong aroma and mellow taste. The resulting food tastes very good. It is loved by the elderly and children and can be said to be a healthy condiment for all ages.

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