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Decorative line mold great wall board top line door pocket line mold (customized product)


Extrusion molding is a process in which materials are processed by heating, plasticizing, homogenizing, extruding, conveying, forming and shaping of extruders and extrusion dies to make them usable products. The main equipment of the extrusion production line generally includes extruder (main machine), auxiliary equipment (auxiliary machine) and extrusion die. The extrusion die is the core part of the extrusion production line, which has a certain or decisive impact on the shape, dimensional accuracy, surface quality, physical and chemical properties and extrusion efficiency of products. The extrusion die is mainly composed of die head, setting die and water tank.The function of the die head is to change the geometry and size of the die cavity channel through the melt after mixing and plasticizing in the extruder under a certain temperature and pressure, so as to form a continuous parison that conforms to the predetermined section shape

The parison of the plastic part extruded from the die head is not the required z-end product, but is similar in shape. The geometry of the plasticized material entering the die head from the extruder is generally circular. According to the different functions of the die head in the process of changing the material from circular to geometric shape, the die head can be divided into three sections, namely, the feed diversion section, the compression section and the parison forming section. Considering the factors such as processing technology, processing cost and later mold repair, the three sections of the die head can be divided into a certain number of templates

Chengdu Weishui Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional company integrating mold technology R & D and manufacturing. The company was established in early 2007 and is located in the south area of Qingbaijiang District, Chengdu. The company has introduced several production equipment. Including machining centers, slow wire walking, CNC EDM, CNC wire cutting, lathes, milling machines, etc., which ensure the precision and service life of the products. "Siyou mould" has become a leader among the extrusion mould brands in Southwest China.


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