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Meta Space builds a new Yuancai World System


Meta space is a comprehensive meta-universe platform, mainly dedicated to the construction of the underlying world system of the meta-universe. Through the core technology of the blockchain, a complete set of Metaspace underlying public chain is built. Developers can create game modules and deploy game rules and contracts on the underlying public chain to help top R&D teams on the Metaspace underlying public chain. To achieve more application ecosystem construction, Meta space will also continue to launch more on-chain games developed based on Meta space's underlying public chain technology; these application ecosystems will help UNC stand out in the competition in the chain game sector.

Unicorn Unicorn is the first role-based gamefi game in Meta space. For blockchain games developed using BSC's underlying technology, all codes will be audited by an internationally renowned review agency; UNC will serve as the admission certificate for unicorn games, and all players participating in unicorn games must snap up through UNC to buy "Character NFT Blind"  "Box" can obtain the identity credentials to participate in the game; in order to promote more players to participate in it, the unicorn will be presented to all players through an innovative business model through the game.

UNC will be one of the best performing assets ever in the chain game sector, and it will also bring innovative business opportunities to the cryptocurrency world. On the Meta space platform, we believe that all great things are built on a solid foundation. With this in mind, we will work hard to select suitable nodes and cooperative communities for promotion. In short, this means that from day one, the Meta space platform has a strong, high-quality community effect.

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