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N6 soft concave combination printing machine features:
1. Adopt the shortest paper path, large size cooling pressure roller, so that the coil transfer is flexible and maintain a constant temperature.
2. Advanced servo technology, used for winding, tension, printing unit, cold pressing, etc.
3. Short replacement time, low loss, high printing quality, high production efficiency.
4. Equipped with fully automatic pre-printing and fully automatic overprinting.
5. Very accurate tension control, fluctuations in only a few Newtons.
6. Simulation 7-color simulation technology, leading peers.
7.N6 Soft concave combination printer is your weapon to stand out!

Material application scope: all kinds of single-layer film PET, BOPP, PVC, PA, etc. Can also be used for paper from; Thin cardboard; Single-layer film PET from 12um (PVC, BOPP, PE, PA from 15|um); Aluminum foil starts at 20um. Paper jam type needs to change part of the configuration!

N6 Flexo printing machine is a combination of more than 20 years of design, development and use experience, reference to the international most advanced flexo, gravure printing machine research and development suitable for long single, short and medium single, set the advantages of flexo gravure printing, to achieve high efficiency and low loss, for domestic environmental requirements, market development, customer demand for flexible packaging including shrink film flexo printing machine. The same applies to color boxes.

N6 Soft concave combination press is very flexible, can be combined with gravure, screen printing, inkjet, digital, cold pressing and offset printing (under development), to adapt to a variety of different materials, while you can choose online glue (UV glue, water glue) or online solvent-free composite or hot melt adhesive composite! It is the first choice for flexible packaging manufacturers, aspiring to develop shrink film manufacturers.

Xi'an Jemetech Printing Technology Co., Ltd. has a professional design team engaged in the printing industry for more than 20 years, there is a production team that has created miracles in the industry, the company is now focusing on the research and development, production and sales of flexo printing machines, digital printing machines, special models and OEM various specifications of high-quality digital platforms (including POD, books, flexible packaging, corrugated boxes etc.), the company takes the core technology as the traction, catches up with the international well-known brand in machine performance, and wholeheartedly provides users with high quality, efficiency, stability, Cost-effective equipment and service. The company has good cooperation with Shenzhen Xianjunlong, Fujian Nanwang Group, Ningbo Chengyi, Agfa Group, Beijing Shengde, Shenzhen Runtianzhi etc. and has more than 20 patented technologies, filling a large number of domestic and foreign gaps. The company is headquartered in Xi'an, in Guangzhou, Xi'an, Shanghai has a professional sales team and after-sales service team to provide users with professional and efficient solutions.



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