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Nongfu Spring Natural Mineral Water with Sport Cap Plays well with Innovation and Reveals Endless Creativity



As people’s enthusiasm for sports and health heats up, the market scale of sports drinks continues to expand and the consumer demand grows significantly. Based on this, an increasing number of enterprises enter the sports beverage market and constantly subdivide and upgrade their products. A wide range of sports drink products may add the difficulty to make choice for consumers, and on the other hand it is easy to be confused with vitamin drinks, energy drinks, etc. As more people start to choose sports drinks, sports beverage products in the future need to further cater to the changing demands of consumers.


After gaining wider promotion experience of bottled water 380ml in the bottled water market, Nongfu Spring starts to expand its footprint to the national market with bottled water 550ml for sports flip cover type, a significantly differentiated product. It continues the marginalized promotion strategy and chooses a marginal group--teenagers as target audience to gain a place in the mainstream market. Such choices are made after careful consideration by Nongfu Spring.

Nongfu Spring mineral water with sports cap is sourced from Moya Spring in Changbai Mountain, which is a rare mineral water with low sodium and mineralization. It has a distinctive bottle design. The colorful illustrations on the bottle body created by Brett Ryder, a famous Britain illustrator, depict four season scenery and natural ecology of Changbai Mountain in an exaggerating, colorful and imaginative way. Beyond that, Nongfu Spring mineral water with sports cap is specially designed with a magical bottle cap, which can be opened with one hand and prevent water spilling out when placed upside down. It can only be opened under pressure, thanks to the patented valve in it. Water won’t spill even if turned on one side or placed upside down at open state, representing the highest manufacturing level of the plastic packaging industry at the moment.

Teenagers drink a lot of bottled water. Their dense and crossed active regions promote psychological and behavioral imitation. What’s more, they represent a pioneer group in daily shopping, and it does not cost much to target teenagers. In the advertisement presenting a classroom scenario, a little girl says "Nongfu Spring tastes a bit sweet" in a clear, sharp tone, and pulls up the sports cap. This key massage of Nongfu Spring gears towards teenagers and goes further to affect the whole society. This marginalized strategy turns to be very effective, which makes Nongfu Spring a household name across the country in a short time and a high brand popularity.

Nongfu Spring considers the demands of users all the time, and even takes what users themselves do not notice into account. It can be rated as an enterprise who really regards customers as God, puts itself in user’s place and considers all the details for users. Therefore, Nongfu Spring is able to win favor and trust of more consumers with one launch after another and stand firm in the market for more than twenty years.

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