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Panda Miner Further Develops Cloud Hashpower with Its Largest Cryptocurrency Mine in Kazakhstan Officially Put into Operation

04-07 Defi speaker

The bull market of cryptocurrency brought by Bitcoin is still strong, which is full of funds, investors, and various projects. However, there is only a shortage of people who work hard for development. Panda Miner is exactly one of the few pragmatic players in the bull market. Different from the impetuous participants in the secondary market, Panda Miner choose to develop further into the cloud hashpower field that it is best at. Taking advantage of the mining trend, it continuously increases investment to seize the market, expand business, form its competitive advantage and consolidate its leading position in the industry. Recently, Panda Miner officially puts its super mine in Kazakhstan into production and will continue to provide miners with the most stable and cost-efficient hashpower products in the bull market.


1. East Asian pasture becomes the mining center. Why Panda Miner Choose Kazakhstan


People experienced in the industry know that how to chose the site of a mine is the key for its future. When selecting location, in order to make the best choice, it is necessary to consider multiple factors such as transportation, energy, climate, regional stability, and policy orientation. Traditionally, Kazakhstan is recognized as a East Asian pasture with abundant resources and livestock. Agriculture and breeding are the mainstay industries of this country. Usually the mines should be located in industrialized countries such as China. What is so special about Kazakhstan that makes Panda Miner site the largest mine there? There must be unusual business considerations behind it.


After being screened by a professional team on a global scale, Kazakhstan becomes the best choice of Panda Miner standing out with its unique advantages in the following aspects.


Site: Kazakhstan is sparsely populated with a large number of open plains. The cost of land is extremely low and many of the lands are far away from residential areas so there is no worries about the impact of noise on local residents which makes many places in Kazakhstan suitable for building mines.


Energy: As one of the republics of the former Soviet Union, Kazakhstan possesses complete power facilities and is rich in mineral resources such as oil and coal. Besides, Kazakhstan is not highly industrialized and is of low power-consumption. Therefore, the electricity resources in Kazakhstan are cheap and abundant, which are very suitable for cryptocurrency mining.


Climate: The operation of working mining machines will generate high temperature, therefore a cool environment is required for heat dissipation. The winter temperature in Kazakhstan is about -19° and its summer highest temperature stays at approximately 20°. A climate like this is very conducive to the heat dissipation of mining machines and will help the machines running in the best power range for a long time.


Transportation: Kazakhstan is a neighboring country of China. As we all know China is the largest production base of electronic product in the world, so Mining machines produced in China can be transported directly to Kazakhstan by rail, which is cheaper than road transportation and more efficient than water transportation.


Policy: Due to the weak industrial foundation and the actual demand for economic development, Kazakhstan is supportive of Bitcoin mining.


In summary, the core purpose of Panda Miner to locate the largest Bitcoin mining area in Kazakhstan is to reduce the overall cost, so as to minimize the price of hashpower.


2. Over 100 MW capacity supports continuous operation of 30,000 Bitcoin mining machines


Panda Miner's mining area in Kazakhstan consists of six groups of independent mines, which are distributed in a mining industrial park covering an area of 10 square kilometers. The mines use independent power supplies and networks. With the load of 15.5 MW, each group of mines is able to work independently. According to the differences in models, performances and sizes of the mining machines, Panda Miner made corresponding plans for the positioning in advance. It is estimated that 60% of the production capacity will be allocated to the user's Bitcoin ASIC mining machines, and the remaining 40% will be allocated to the graphics card machines, focusing on Ethereum mining. When fully put into operation, the mine will provide over 100 local jobs and realize a profit and tax of CNY100 million per year.


At present, the first batch of more than 3,000 mining machines has arrived at the mine in Kazakhstan and began to work. It is expected to provide 30P hashpower to the market and meet the mining demands of more than 10,000 miners.


3. Panda Miner stays true to its mission and shares mining dividends with millions of miners


With the gradual increase in the production capacity of the Kazakhstan mine, Panda Miner will be able to provide cloud hashpower mining services for millions of cryptocurrency miners by next spring, making cryptocurrency mining and the the great dividends accessible to more people. This is also the original intention and persistent mission of Panda Miner.


As a long-established mining company, Panda Miner clearly knows that mining in a bull market is full of huge profits. But compared to such profits, a more decentralized cryptocurrency world in which decision-making power held in the hands of all participants is more in line with the interests of Panda Miner and all miners, and more in line with the core spirit of the blockchain.


This is exactly the purpose of Panda Miners Million Miners Program, which ensures the decentralization, security, and democracy of the blockchain network by making hashpower available to more people. With the Kazakhstan mine, Panda Miner finally has a solid foundation to realize its ambition.


Panda Miner is committed to working as a helper behind every miner, making mining easier, allowing more people to profit through mining and introducing cryptocurrency to everyone's life.

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