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Star.DAO is about to launch the world's first cross-chain search engine StarLink


Since the birth of blockchain technology, as a representative of emerging information technology, blockchain consensus algorithm technology, storage technology, and business have been developed rapidly, and its huge social value and diverse application scenarios have won the attention of all walks of life. While the decentralized world is growing due to its subversive existence, the decentralized world and the centralized world seem to be separated, but is this gap insurmountable?

In order to build a bridge between the decentralized and centralized world, members from Google, Facebook, and Diem spontaneously established the Star.DAO decentralized organization. As industry elites in encryption technology, artificial intelligence, big data, and finance, it is hoped that by building a global search in a decentralized world, the two seemingly divided worlds will be connected.

Recently, Star.DAO announced that the first generation of decentralized search engine StarLink(http://starlink.so ) would be launched soon. StarLink is committed to integrating decentralized and centralized search portals to achieve cross-public chain search while achieving true information integration.

According to the StarLink Network project white paper, the core goal of StarLink is to build a global search in a centralized and decentralized world and to build a bridge between the centralized and decentralized world. In a centralized world, decentralized content is excluded. Insulated; in a decentralized world, each public chain and each DApp are relatively independent like individual planets in the universe. StarLink is committed to linking each planet in this universe, making these planets a galaxy, and many ordinary users open the door to provide users with convenience.

StarLink will become a decentralized Google, allowing all world content to appear in search results, such as websites, articles, videos, resources, currency prices, transaction data, chain data, chain content, chain resources, etc. And through the incentive mechanism to give each participant a corresponding incentive.

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