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Title Farm of Shennong Town: NFT Landing in Metaverse, Game of the Future


With the process of Metaverse, people’s imagination of the future has shifted from science fiction to increasingly realistic cyberworld.

What will happen when physical space is decentralized?

Experiences rare before will boom, like the gaming industry, which has shown us the path ahead: in a game, you can be a movie star, a starfighter, a Jedi, or any imaginable character. Games will continue to evolve and provide more events containing live entertainment, such as the concerts and immersive theaters featured in Fortnite, Roblox, and Rec Room.

As more and more people enter, Carbon Neutral Metaverse has launched its first on-chain game called Crown Farm of Shennong Town (hereinafter referred to as Title Farm), which integrates the advantages of famous blockchain games such as Axie Infinity, Yield Guild and Decentraland, building an economically balanced open game world, showing the rapid momentum of the NFT development, and allowing players experience the fun of true farming and farm construction.

New platform of blockchain farming game

Title Farm is a metaverse game with infinite imagination and development. The character in the game develops from a farmer with several fields to a multi-spatial manager of a city. And players can decide the final scale by themselves.

In the game, you are a farm operator with the title right of the farm. You can rent land and buy seeds from the village head, and then cultivate and sow. Rare props, resources, equipment and other assets like admission tickets to the metaverse game obtained in the game can be used for market transactions, NPC interaction and farm construction.

It is worth noting that in Title Farm, seeds and lands are not free. The mayor of Shennong town controls the pricing and sales rights of seeds and the village head of Title Farm has the right to use and rent land, buy seeds wholesale from the mayor. The land can be rented to farmers or transferred.

The rule is that, in the form of issuing tokens, each token corresponds to a village. The village head has the right to rent land to farmers for farming, with 50% of the rent going to the village. Over ten villages can form a town, which can get 10% of the rent.

Hot bookings of NFT game

NFT is full of possibilities that have apparently not been completely explored. Especially in the game filed, NFT game led by the Title Farm may bring a new experience to players.

First of all, the core and significance of game is fun.

In terms of playability, Title Farm is a simulation game with the setting of a farm, which is a grand background. Compared with other blockchain games of the same type, Title Farm has richer NFT assets, with more imaginative and more concrete utilization of assets in the game, and it’s more suitable for traditional game players.

What's more, unlike most blockchain games, the functions of Title Farm are very rich. Players can have rich and diversified immersion game experiences through the functional modules such as renting land, buying seeds, cultivating and sowing, harvesting, marketing and trading for profits. It can be said that the functions of Title Farm are basically close to those of traditional large-scale mobile games.

With the leverage of opportunity and time

Title Farm is not only a game. It can be seen as a portal to a virtual world where most or almost all of the income belongs to the players, which cannot be matched by any traditional game.

At the same time, traditional games do not develop prop trading system. Take Final Fantasy for example, the gold coins of can only be traded in the game, and players can only receive the game equipment or virtual coin for rewards and only have the right to use rather than control them. However, in blockchain games, the rewarded crypto assets can be traded freely and can connect with the real world.

In the transition from the physical world to the digital world, we have seen very confident anticipation of the potential of Title Farm which we believe will make a big splash in NFT game, as well as become a sharp edge for the outward expansion of the metaverse.

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