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UNISOC and Ericsson Successfully Complete 5G NR 700MHz DL 4*4MIMO Test


As a leading global supplier of mobile communications chipsets and IoT chipsets, UNISOC, a core subsidiary of Unigroup, together with Ericsson, have successfully completed 5G SA NR 700MHz downlink 4*4 MIMO test compliant with the 3GPP R15 specification. The latest Interoperability Development Testing (IoDT) was carried out at Ericsson Beijing Lab, and the lab demonstration used a 5G Customer Premise Equipment with UNISOC’s5G chipset V510 inside, and Ericsson’s 700MHz 4T4R wireless network equipment. 


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Ericsson 700MHz 4T4R Radio                                                 UNISOC 5G CPE


Based on the 5G CPE with UNISOC V510 chipset inside and Ericsson n28 frequency band network, the average peak of download rate can reach more than 600 Mbps. The results of the interoperability test, which is much higher than 700MHz 1T2R commercial mobile phone, broke through the record of 5G network downlink peak rate under the sub-1GHz low frequency band, expanding the application field of 5G low frequency.


"The collaboration between Ericsson and UNISOC on 5G NR 700MHz extends the 700 MHz ecosystem from cellphones to a wider range of terminal forms including CPE, providing more scenarios for the use of 700 MHz in China and the global commercial market" said Peng Junjiang, General Manager of the Research and Development Department of Ericsson in Northeast Asia.


Xia Xiaofei, Vice President of Market Management Department of UNISOC, said: "The successful interoperability test of the downlink 4*4 MIMO in the 700MHz frequency band will support operators to deploy new 5G NR network more efficiently. We will continue to deepen cooperation with Ericsson and accelerate the commercialization of global 5G networks. Together, we will contribute to the growthof 5G industry."


UNISOC has launched a number of 5G chipsets, including the world's first 6nm EUV 5G SoC --UNISOC T7520, UNISOC’s first 5G baseband chip based on Makalu communication technology platform --UNISOC V510, and its first 5G smartphone solution --UNISOC T7510. UNISOC 5G chipset solution has now completed the interoperability tests with the world's mainstream 5G infrastructure vendors and participates in the leading 5G operators chip authentication, which enables all kinds of 5G terminals, based on UNISOC 5G chipset solution, to be widely adapted to the networks of mobile operators around the world, with the aim of serving vast numbers of consumers and industry users.


Media Contact:

Company: UNISOC Technologies Co., Ltd

Contact: Yueying Tang, PR Team

E-mail: yueying.tang@unisoc.com


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