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CYCJET CO2 Laser Marking Machine/Laser coding Machine for Medicine Industry

2020-03-09 海讯社

CYCJET CO2 Laser Marking Machine/Laser coding Machine for Medicine Industry


Abstract: With the development of medical industry, establishing a perfect drug traceability system has become the consensus of many pharmaceutical manufacturers. Laser marking machine will also play an increasingly important role in drug packaging.


Research shows that the general inkjet printers are often not safe and environmentally friendly because of the toxic substances contained in the coatings. Secondly, as a special commodity, medicine and health care products need to be labeled on the packaging to meet the strict requirements for traceability of the pharmaceutical industry. Drug packaging laser marking machine accurately burns out delicate, clear and permanent patterns or words, can not be erased and changed, has a certain anti-counterfeiting effect. At the same time, laser marking does not produce mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress, and it will not damage the processed object.




CO2 laser marking machine is widely used in medicine industry, such as a variety of paper box, plastic bag, Capsule, Glass bottle, plastic bottle, it is a high performance laser printer for online making machine. 



The combination of laser marking machine and pharmaceutical industry is the collision and agitation of various disciplines of science and technology and biology. Medical laser marking machine is a high-performance laser marking equipment which combines advanced laser marking technology with imported high quality CO2 laser. Laser beam is passed through beam expander, galvanometer, focusing, and finally achieved by controlling the deflection of galvanometer. CO2 laser coding machine features include: pipeline operation, efficient, simple; non-contact processing, non-toxic, non-polluting; non-consumable materials, low cost. 

The core parts of CO2 laser engraving machine are all imported. This series of equipment adopts imported RF laser (metal package) and imported high-speed galvanometer scanning system. The special on-line flight marking control software for accessories can meet the requirements of on-line flight (continuous dynamic) marking and form permanent. The text, numbers, symbols, graphics, and automatic coding and serial numbers of the information. The marking process is automatic, non-contact, non-polluting, low running cost (no consumable materials), low failure rate (maintenance-free). It plays a good role in counterfeiting products and preventing goods from being imported. The comprehensive performance of the equipment is stable, with 24-hour continuous working capacity, to meet the needs of industrial large-scale online production.


CYCJET is the a brand name of Yuchang Industrial Company Limited. As a manufacturer, CYCJET have more than ten years experience for wholesaler and retailer of different types of handheld inkjet printing solution, Laser printing solution, portable marking solution in Shanghai China.



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