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Application of CYCJET LF Series Laser Printer in Can Making Industry


Abstract: Fiber fly laser printers are widely used in the canning industry.

In the past ten years, due to the harsh requirements of environmental protection and the shortage of resources, the global metal can material industry, metal can industry and metal packaging industry have developed rapidly. The application fields of metal cans are gradually expanding, and the competition among can manufacturers is also becoming more and more popular. fierce. Why are more and more products available in metal cans instead of plastic cans or some other cans? First, because metal cans have excellent barrier properties. Not only can it block the gas, but it can also block light. This feature allows the beverage to have a long shelf life. Second, it has excellent mechanical properties, mainly manifested in high temperature resistance, humidity resistance, pressure resistance, insect resistance, and resistance to harmful substances. Third, it is not easy to break, easy to carry, and adapt to the fast-paced life of modern society. Fourth, the surface is decorative, which can stimulate consumption and promote sales. Fifth, it can be recycled to the furnace for recycling.


For metal can manufacturers, it is extremely urgent to further optimize the cost of metal cans and further differentiate products. The thinning of canning materials has injected vitality into the canning companies and the metal packaging industry from a cost and energy perspective. Relying on modern advanced technology, can manufacturers can maintain the high performance of metal cans while reducing the thickness of metal cans. After all, soups, fruits and other major foods require a relatively long shelf life. Metal cans have a glorious history and broad prospects in this regard. Aluminum can packaging is one of the fastest packaging lines in the world and requires special equipment. But in the current situation, how can we make our products rich and unique on the surface of metal cans? Many manufacturers still have no clue.

In fact, fly laser printer has been able to help the industry to achieve unique design, permanent features and easy-to-use software systems, whether printing logos on the surface of metal cans or unique logos, the laser engraving machine can be realized one by one. Metal cans are widely used to store foods that are resistant to storage. Therefore, many companies now use laser marking machine to create their own metal cans, which is very effective. Regardless of the product's own logo, product logo, product serial number, production date, barcode, security code, etc., laser marking machine are used. Since the birth of metal cans, all countries in the world have made unremitting efforts in light weight and have made continuous progress. In the future, with the continuous improvement of the technical level of processing technology, equipment and design capabilities, the metal can manufacturing industry and the packaging industry will have more and better development under the cooperation of high-power fly laser printers developed by Shanghai Yuchang Industrial Limited Company 

Metal can production lines require higher speed and precise marking, while laser engraving machine are uniquely designed to provide high-contrast markings in hard plastic packaging, metal containers and other industrial products at high speeds, even at speeds of 260 m/min ultra-fast production line can also be printed with ease. Designed for high-speed beverage, pharmaceutical and extrusion products manufacturers, the CYCJET laser marking machine delivers superior marking quality with greater efficiency and a smaller footprint than traditional solid-state laser coders.

The advantages of CYCJET laser printer in the metal can industry:

1. Laser marking can run stably and reduce malfunctions. The logo is high-definition, the machine is durable and the logo is easy to distinguish between aluminum cans, stainless steel cans and other metal cans.

2. The CYCJET laser marking machine can meet the special marking software to provide immediate marking information without affecting the continuous operation of the entire production process. Suitable for high-speed production online marking, which can meet the production speed of 260m/min.

3. After laser marking, the logo is permanent and will not wear and fade. Marking characters can be as small as 0.8mm. Meet the requirements of micro-information jet printing. Various complex graphics or logos and standard certifications can be printed.


CYCJET is the a brand of Shanghai Yuchang Industrial Limited Company. As a manufacturer, CYCJET have more than 10 years of experience in Shanghai, China, in various types of handheld inkjet printing solutions, laser printing solutions, wholesalers and retailers of portable marking solutions.


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