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Delfino Intelligent Capsule Machine officially landed in China, First station:Chengdu


 Japans Disney global procurement strategy partner Delfino recently made new movements.On April26,Delfino Intelligent Capsule Machine officially landed in Chengdu,China.On the same day,

it was stationed at 10 shopping malls in Chengdu at the same time.The shops which includes Maoyue Chunxi,Renhe Xincheng and 4 CGV cinemas(Jinniu,Jinnan,Wenjiang and Hi-tech )and 4 Pacific Cinemas

(Jinsha,normal University,Golden Hairong  and 399)

      This year,in addition to Chengdu,the  Delfino Intelligent Capsule Machine project will also land in Changsha,Wuhan ,Chongqing and Xian,and then cover the whole of China,according to shizuo kiyotakithe chairman of Japan Okura consortium,the major shareholder,He hopes to further promote the influence Of existing brands in China by expanding the range of goods sold in China.

      It is reported that Delfino is Japans largest comprehensive entertainment company BANDAI agents,will be  BANDAIs well-known IP introduced to China,simultaneous dissemination of  cultural IP.

 Delfinos Chinese Ambitions

       Compared with the prosperity of egg-twisting culture in Japan,Chinas Capsule machine industry has developed slowly,is still in the educational period.At present,the cost of twisting eggs in China is 20 to 40 yuan,but the twisted eggs are mostly fake and low-quality dolls,and the consumption experience is poor.In addition,the domestic twisted egg operators IP Legitimate license content is less,the update speed is slow,the average monthly less than 8 styles,it is easy to cause consumer aesthetic fatigue,and then the loss of users.

Delfino found business opportunities,after marketing research and preparation,2019 will be a full outbreak of the Delfino Capsule machine year.In terms of IP content,in addition t acting for BANDAI Delfino will also cooperate with Disney,Takara Tomy ,Buka Comics and other well-known IP at home and abroad,greatly enriching the copyright personas of twisted eggs.

      These Delfino machines will be quickly laid out through Delfinos original fast consumer channels in China,such as offline KA,high-end retail supermarket,cinemas and more than 2000 marketing scenarios.It is understood that by the end of 2019,Delfino will place 1140 points in China and increase the number of capsule machines by 11400 sets.

     shizuo kiyotaki said that in the early stage,Delfino will directly introduce the existing mature IP twisted egg products in Japan,and in the later stage,it will be produced and Supplied to the domestic and Japanese markets in Jiangsu,China.

       Industry insiders believe that Delfino intelligent Capsule machine project in China will break the current Chinese capsule machine operator IP content narrow,shanzhai rampant situation.This is also the first step for Delfino to take the Largest IP license in China.

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