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Enso Fintech Holds its First Forum on Global Medical Technology Transformation & Transfer

2020-03-19 海讯社

On April 26th of 2019, in the Lansheng Building in Shanghai, China Enso Fintech organized its first off-line forum, “Global Medical Technology Transformation & Transfer”. This date also marked the occasion of the launch ceremony of Enso’s Med-tech Information Platform.

With the ongoing effects of globalization, technology is constantly transforming and being applied in different sectors, especially in the healthcare industry. In this forum, Enso has gathered several guests from various disciplines—including government, commercial, and hospital-based medicine—to share experiences and case studies from different perspectives. including. Enso Fintech has also gathered nearly 100 attendees from investment agencies, medical device companies, and the med-tech research industry.


 Harry Sun, Founder and CEO of Enso Fintech, giving a presentation

On this occasion, we invited four honored guests to give presentations on diverse topics:

1. Xiaoyang Li——Deputy Secretary and Chief Physician of Hematology in Ruijin Hospital

Secretary Li illustrated how new medical technologies emerging from hospitals and universities can cooperate with commercial capital in a swift and flexible manner. Also, especially for this forum, he brought nine outstanding projects incubating from Ruijin Hospital to share with all attendees.

2. Hong Xie——CEO, Corestone Biosciences (Beijing) Co., Ltd

Doctor Xie has over 20 years of field experience in the medical industry, both in the US and in China. Combined with his abundant experience and the current strategic planning of Corestone Bio, Dr. Xie has analyzed the entire commercial process of cross-border medical technology licensing and transformation. In this presentation, he elaborated on the reasons that thorough consideration should be taken in technology screening, as well as policy and regulation analysis. He also discussed ways of cooperation and localized operations.

3. Shu Yang——CEO, Coway International TechTrans Co., Ltd

Mr. Yang emphasized the importance of human capital in global technology transfer and shared his experiences over his ten-year career in the industry.

4. Harry Sun——CEO & Founder, Enso Fintech; Managing Partner, REC Capital

Harry delivered the prospects, features, and operation mode of the Enso platform. Moreover, he interpreted the developing dynamics of cross-border med-tech investment and explained the underlying constraints and corresponding structural solutions.

In Harry’s speech, he stated that as the medical industry has evolved, global investment agencies have become more and more active. However, in real investment cases, there are plenty of constraints involved, such as language, cultural differences, and time lag. At present, Enso Fintech is devoted to establishing a brand-new platform to solve those problems mentioned. In this online platform, Enso has gathered a fellow group of elite medical-background experts from around the world, consisting of PhD students in worldwide famous medical schools, employees of multi-national healthcare companies, and notable researchers.

Currently, only six months after the operation, there are over 100 fellows in Enso’s platform, and they are collaborating with Enso to screen, analyze, and follow up on promising projects in their own respective medical sectors. Our goal is to enlarge the fellow group to over 1,000 members through our unique gamification operation model within three years, and to follow over one thousand med-tech projects per year. In the near future, we will also add AI and NLP elements to our platform in pursuit of more rapid project screening and more efficient service to investors and medical practitioners.


Discussion session during the forum

This is the first offline forum held by Enso Fintech. We are glad to see our friends from both med-tech investment industry and the healthcare manufacturing industry communicate and discuss deeply and widely on various topics.

Currently, there are 20 membership opportunities remaining out of the first 50 angel users for the global med-tech information platform. Please contact us (hello@enso-fintech.com) if any investment agency is interested. Meanwhile, Enso Fintech offers various fund-raising cooperation (Capital funding, JV establishing, licensing, etc.) with medical technology companies, so please feel welcome to reach out to us if you have any needs. Thank you.

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