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Top orthodontics experts exchanged experiences of class III malocclusion on the 2019 Orthodontic Conference of Jinan University


Recently, the 2019 Orthodontic Conference of Jinan University and 3rd Annual Summit Seminar (international) for the Principle and Skill on Treatment of Class III Malocclusion was held successfully by the Stomatology Departmet and The First Affiliated Hospital Of Jinan University as well as SuiHua Hospital in Guangzhou.

The conference invited over 20 Orthodontic experts from all over the world, including Professor Nikhilesh Vaid, the President-designate of WFO; Professor Lin Jiuxiang, chief of the Craniofacial growth and development research center, Peking University; Professor Kong Weidong, the main inventor of eBrace; Professor Lin Wei, President of Macau Orthodontic Society as well as distinguished experts from Peking University ,West China Medical Center of Sichuan University, SJTU, The Fourth Military Medical University etc., Nine experts exchanged their experiences and research results on Class III malocclusion during the conference. Over 500 Chinese orthodontists attended.

Professor Nikhilesh Vaid, the President-designate of WFO, had been appointed as Guest Professor of Jinan University before he joined in SuiHua Hospital as international expert consultant. Professor Nik said, “Chinese orthodontic skills represents a high level of the world’s modern orthodontic. SuiHua Hospital is working on a great target, researches in culture, education, science and clinic are implementing, what attracts me most is their longterm scientific development plan.”

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