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Micro Drive Empowers the Ventilator Market


The High Demand Of Ventilator

Until April 4th, 2020, the number of epidemic confirmed cases in the range of the world has over 1.2 million. The development of the epidemic has out of control. Being an important treatment, the ventilator is urgently needed. In April, only New York is predicted for a need for 40 thousand additional machines. The global demand for the ventilator is even more unimaginable. 


The Application Of Ventilator In The Epidemic

According to the data of the World Health Organization (WHO), one out of every six patients with epidemic develops severe illness and dyspepsia. And ventilator is essential to maintaining the life of severe patients.epidemic can damage the lung function, producing a large amount of mucus in the lung, thereby impeding the absorption of the oxygen, and further damaging the body, even causing death. The ventilator can gain time for more clinical medical treatment by delivering oxygen in vitro, ensuring the oxygen content in the blood. 

How To Achieve Ventilator Upgrading 

The ventilator is a device that can improve respiratory function and reduce respiratory work consumption, but there is a strict limit on its oxygen concentration. Patients with different degrees of symptoms need different concentrations of oxygen in the oxygen and air mixture inhaled. At present, airflow and oxygen flow output from ventilators is manually adjusted, mainly depending on experiences.

ZHAOWEI intake valve gear motors can help a ventilator to intelligently adjust the intake volume. The design principle is the regulating valve of medical ventilators achieving the intelligent adjustment of the size of the oxygen jet hole under the combination of helical worm and pressure of intake valve. Choose corresponding orifice diameter under different output flow, achieving great absorption capacity and back-pressure capacity. Compared with existing technology, ventilators with the function of intelligent regulation can reach a lower oxygen concentration and have higher stability under the same back-pressure and different flow. 


An Opportunity To Ventilator Manufacturers

The epidemic unavoidably leads to the stagnation of industry. But it can be a development opportunity for ventilator manufacturers. At the same time of expanding production, manufacturers need to upgrade the ventilator properly. Compared with ventilators in the market, Ventilators with intelligent intake valves are more scientific and have a more stable operation. Giving a full play to the function of ventilators, I believe we can defeat epidemic in the near future.

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