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Yutong Launches City-Level Intelligent Mobility Solution for Smarter Cities


On September 9, Yutong presented to global travellers its 5G-enabled Intelligent mobility solution in a live-show. Autonomous driving buses, intelligent bus stops, and unmanned intelligent bus terminals that were once our conception have become a reality. It’s time to embrace the era of intelligent urban mobility.

Yutong Launches 5G-Enabled Intelligent Mobility Solution

Yutong’s 5G-enabled intelligent mobility solution is a smart city solution built on new mobility infrastructures, such as big data, cloud computing, and IoT. Based on analysis of travel needs and the overall blueprint of intelligent mobility, Yutong developed a whole range of autonomous vehicles for different scenarios, including community shuttle, city bus, environmental sanitation, and airport, to establish a safe, green, comfortable, fast and punctual intelligent transport system.

WITGO as A Intelligent Mobility Prototype

Yutong branded its 5G-enabled intelligent mobility solution as WITGO—Wit for intelligence, and Go for travel.

Director Li Gaopeng of the Yutong New Energy Institute commented that WITGO would contribute to intelligent urban mobility with six core aspects, namely, Intelligent buses, smart roads, intelligent stops, unmanned terminals, auto-charging and the cloud control center together with two pillars, that is, 5G network and intelligent IoT & security.

Yutong's Intelligent mobility solution is an innovative achievement implemented in Zhengzhou. The current 17.4km route combines a traditional bus section operated by intelligent mid-capacity buses and a micro-cycle service operated by intelligent autonomous driving buses. It is in regular commercial operation now.

The two intelligent models operating the route are the flagship L4 autonomous driving bus and the newly debuted U12 intelligent bus.

In addition to intelligent vehicles, there are smart roads. The 5G-enabled Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System gives priority to buses at intersections, improving the pass-through rate from 47% to 79% and reducing the average waiting time at red lights from 17 seconds to 2 seconds. The blind spot warning system detects vehicles and pedestrian in the blind spots and makes driving decisions automatically to ensure safety.  

There are 34 fancy space capsule-shaped bus stops along the intelligent driving route. High precision positioning and big data technologies present real-time bus locations and provide passengers with precise-to-the-second arrival times.

Thanks to smart dispatch, autonomous driving, and high-power autonomous charging technologies, Yutong built the first intelligent unmanned bus terminal where buses park, charge, move and depart with no human operation.

Yutong also developed a cloud control platform that provides self examination, remote upgrading, autonomous parking, autonomous charging, one-button dispatch, intelligent summon, and remote driving to contribute to smarter trips.

Yutong will continue its efforts to build better lives and celebrate the future.

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