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The reason why more and more activities use Frame Tent


A Frame Tent is a new type of temporary building used for outdoor activities. Due to its flexible disassembly and assembly methods, it is lightweight and easy to store and transport. It is called "mobile real estate". It is widely used in professional exhibitions, trade fairs, celebration parties, outdoor weddings, sports events, festivals (music festivals, beer festivals, food festivals, etc.), temporary warehouses, workshops, temporary buildings. , Emergency Rescue... A new concept of conference room for the international public.

has only gradually appeared in people's daily outdoor activities in recent years, such as outdoor exhibitions-Frame Tents are an extension of the pavilion; outdoor celebrations, outdoor weddings and holiday promotions must be used. It consists of a movable base and tarpaulin. The frame is usually composed of alloy and steel. It is very sensitive, easy to disassemble, easy to store, small in size and easy to transport. Tarpaulin is an important part of the Tent. Its quality directly affects the safety of the Tent. It is also closely related to the security of the incident. Therefore, it is very important to choose high-quality tarpaulins.



The three elements of Tents and traditional buildings: safe and stable, solemn and elegant, naturally resistant to various harsh environments B, perfect combination of functions, unlimited space C, flexible installation, fast and convenient transportation. The Tents for storing Tents are located in Europe. It is equivalent to a temporary Tent and a temporary building. It has reliable security and can quickly and flexibly adapt to different types of site establishment. It has the characteristics of convenient disassembly and assembly, convenient transportation and various combinations. There are no extra beams and pillars in the Tent, and the space utilization rate is 100%. Through careful planning, the use of space will be more imaginative.
Frame Tents increase the possibility of outdoor activities and enhance the concept of new activities. With the development of the leasing industry, Tent products are very mature, Tents provide complete facilities and other supporting services, forming a complete industry. The Tent industry has just started in China, and Tents are also a little-known concept in China. With the booming Chinese economy, it will be widely used in various outdoor activities. With the widespread use of Tents,Tents will be further improved to provide richer styles, lighter disassembly and assembly, and a more economical direction as temporary facilities.

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