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Gas channeling identification of CO2 flooding in low permeability reservoirs


Citation: ZHANG Shiming. Study on identification method for gas channeling of CO2 flooding in low permeability reservoirs[J], Petroleum Geology and Recovery Efficiency, 2020 (01): 101-106.

ZHANG Shiming

Exploration and Development Research Institute, Shengli Oilfield Company, SINOPEC, Dongying City 257015, Shandong Province, China

Abstract: During the development of COflooding in low permeability reservoirs, the most serious problem is gas channeling. At present, there are no quantitative identification standards for gas channeling, and the existing calculation methods of gas channeling volume are not practical. The dynamic variation characteristics of COcontent in the produced gas are analyzed, and the types of gas channeling are divided into the obvious gas channeling and the weak gas channeling. The calculation method of gas breakthrough time is determined, and the identification and evaluation criteria for gas channeling are established. On this basis, the gas channel volumes from the injection side and the production side are calculated respectively according to the principle of material conservation. In order to eliminate the influence of proportional coefficients of single-well fluid production or pattern shape factors on the gas channel volume, the gas channel volume is corrected by the intersection diagram. The calculation method of gas channel volume has strong operability and practicability according to the results of gas channeling wells in a tight reservoir. On one hand, this method realizes the qualitative evaluation on gas channeling types and gas channeling degrees. On the other hand, this method realizes the quantitative calculation of gas channeling volume and cross-sectional area of gas channeling. It can provide theoretical basis for reasonable design of plugging measures and dosage of plugging agents in the later development stage.

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