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Cricket star Lachlan Morganti fronts court charged with theft after he allegedly stole Gofundme appeal cash for tragic Hannah McGuire

2024-06-20 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/melbourne/article-13549363/Lachlan-Morganti-hannah-mcguire-ballarat-victoria.html HaiPress

A cricketer accused of stealing $64,541 from a GoFundMe organised to raise money for the grieving family of alleged murder victim Hannah McGuire has appeared in court.

Lachlan Morganti,26,appeared in the Ballarat Magistrates' Court on Friday charged with theft after he allegedly stole from a GoFundMe he had organised on behalf of the Clunes Cricket Club. 

The matter was adjourned until July 1 to allow Morganti's lawyer to obtain the brief of evidence from detectives. 

It remains unknown how or why Young (pictured) is alleged to have murdered Ms McGuire

It remains unknown how or why Young is alleged to have murdered Ms McGuire. He will be kept behind bars until his next court date in September. 

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Footy stars and students gather to farewell the 'heart of gold' teacher allegedly murdered by her ex

Ms McGuire had bought a house with Young just short of a year before he is alleged to have murdered her.

She was pictured smiling from ear-to-ear next to a large 'sold' sign alongside her then-partner outside the home in Sebastopol,near Ballarat in regional Victoria.

The snapshot of happiness was taken almost a year to the day before Young appeared in court to face charges of murdering Ms McGuire. 

She had lived with Young up until a week before she was allegedly murdered.

Her death had initially been dismissed as a suicide but a coroner's report indicated she had allegedly sustained deadly injuries before the car was engulfed in flames.

If you or someone you know is experiencing family violence,phone 1800 RESPECT or the Crisis Care Helpline on 1800 199 008.

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