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The 2020 Overseas China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair (Online) will be held from Septembe


With the theme of “Building a Robust Digital Infrastructure to Embrace the Internet Economy”, the 2020 Overseas China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair (Online) will be held from September 23 to 25, 2020 as the first-ever “cloud-based industry fair” to be held in the context of the “new normal” COVID-19 era.

Following the global economic downturn a lot of adversely impacted industries are forced to close down


We adore the kind of life that involves travelling around the world. Driven by tourism economy, the leisure and entertainment industry would normally flourish. However, with the advent of the 2020 pandemic, all this is paling. Nowadays, the most popular catchphrase is ‘life is more important than money’.

Distributed storage has become a trend, and immt has unlimited potential


In 2020, more than 4 billion internet users are constantly generating data. According to statistics, each online user in the world generates more than 2.5 megabytes of data every day. There are about 100-400 billion stars in the vast galaxy. If the data of an MP3 song is transmitted to the stars, it only takes one month, and the total amount of data generated by human beings can fill all the stars

Decentralized Exchange Dchain DEX to officially launch DC on October 1st globally!


According to media reports in Geneva, Switzerland, Dchain DEX platform and the exchange based token DC will be officially launched on Oct.1st 2020(UTC+8). Users can purchase DC on Dchain DEX to activate the link relationship of itinerary promotion. 50% of the total output per day. In addition, Dchain DEX recruits creation nodes globally. Each node requires a studio offline and a community of 300 p

TaiLaiBao products Traceability System, was celebrated and supported by the local government. There comes a new Alibaba for agricultural products from ten ASEAN countries


Tailaibao is also willing to join hands with everyone to achieve the dream: meet Tailaibao meet treasures, we create wealth together in Tailaibao!

The Top Economic Model of Ingotsex, Emerged for Technology and Fought for Application


IngotsEX is a trading service platform for digital asset meticulously built by the ingotsEX Foundation - a Technology and Digital Financial Group, with blockchain technology as the bottom structure.

KAM LI YEE STEFANIE:Counter-terrorism cooperation between


Kam Li Yee is an Associate Research Fellow at the S. RajaratnamSchool of International Studies (RSIS), Singapore Nanyang Technological University, and a PhD student at the National Security College, Australian National University.

Muhammad Tahir Khan:China is the most trusted countryin Afghanistan


Muhammad Tahir Khan,started Journalism Career in 1990 as a reporter at the private news agency Pakistan Press International (PPI) in Islamabad. He is presently the editor of Pakistan’s leading news agency, the News Network International, (NNI) in Islamabad a member from the media of the Pakistan-Afghan Track-II dialogue known as Beyond Boundaries and frequently visit Afghanistan. 2013-2015 worked

All kinds of capital work together to lead the cruise summit, which is expected


According to the planet (UK) block chain laboratory official news: the eight-dimensional capital, engine capital and other leading cruise summit will be held in southern China on September 24.

China Eastern Airlines’ CIIE-themed airplane arrives in Sydney


The world’s first China International Import Expo (CIIE)-themed colored airplane jointly launched by China Eastern Airlines (China Eastern) and China International Import Expo Bureau departed from Shanghai Pudong International Airport on Monday and arrived at Australia’s Sydney Airport on Sept. 15 local time after nearly ten hours of flight.
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