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One3 GameFi Makes Its World Debut, New Gameplay Brings Unlimited Fun


The price hikes in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies have gained in popularity among outsiders, and countless Internet users have placed heightened expectations on the metaverse. Therefore, various game industries, having successively launched metaverse strategy plans, are showing plays rays of hope through one technological revolution after another.

RM RICOMAX Launched its Metal Detectors Buying Guide for 2022 Black Friday and Christmas


Rintuf Electric Fireplace Heater: 2022 Black Friday Buying Guide


FREE VILLAGE Ice Maker: 2022 Black Friday Shopping Guide


The World Famous Giant MorganIAC Is Coming


JPMorgan Chase & Co. is one of the oldest, largest and best-known financial institutions in the world.

Mr ZHANG Yuren, Ploughing His Furrow in Pharmaceuticals for a Decade


Recenty, in ‘AstraZeneca 21th Respiratory Week’, we saw Mr. ZHANG Yuren, a person in charge of parallel session. Through dialogue with Mr. ZHANG, we knows more about all procudures for pharmaceuticals and therapy commercialization.

Binance Ecological Web3.0 Aggregation Revenue Platform


BNBM, the Binance aggregate income platform, was established based on the Binance ecosystem. At the beginning of its establishment, it was favored by institutional investors such as Binance Labs, IDG Capital, and Qianfang Fund. It was born with millions of market attention and tens of thousands of investors. The landing application is committed to becoming the interactive entrance of web3.0, and the link becomes the link between the user and the aggregation ecology.

Youth and Future Generations Day at COP27: Young Chinese Calling for Urgent Bird Protection and Climate Action


Sharm El-Sheikh, 10 November 2022, – with Youth and Future Generations Day at COP27, the Youth Environmentally Friendly Actions Committee of All-China Environment Federation (ACEF-YEFAC), together with supporters, officially launched the Birds Protection and Climate Action Initiative of Chinese Youth (hereinafter referred to as the Initiative) at UNFCCC Press Conference. Ling Yuan yousa, the bird protection ambassador of ACEF-YEFAC and a youth representative from State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) gave a speech respectively.

ATTOP Drone Offers Consumers an Ideal Christmas Gift Choice


Welcome to UtilityNet's computing world


At present, a new round of industrial transformation and scientific and technological revolution is accelerating. The production mode with digital technology as the core power is booming, which is pushing human society into the digital economy era. As a key component of digital technology, computing has become a key support for the development of digital economy.
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