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The Use of NQ Wireline Coring Core Barrel


It has the characteristics of high drilling efficiency, good rock core quality, long bit life and low labor intensity. In actual work, the environment in which the rope drill is used is relatively harsh. Q series wireline core barrel have the advantages of simple structure, less wearing parts and high core-taking rate.

The Demand for Pouch Packing Machine is Gradually Increasing


Different Types of Automatic Packing Machine


Advantages of Computer Multifunctional Quilting Machines


Competitive Advantages of CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine


Comparison of the advantages of Active RFID tags and passive RFID tags


Active RFID tags are generally powered by built-in batteries, and different tags use different numbers and shapes of batteries.

What are the processing techniques of Sheet Metal prototype?


If the processing technology of the cabinet and cabinet is good, it is the Sheet Metal prototype process, and the customer's requirements for CNC processing are becoming higher and higher.

What are the characteristics of Hollow inductor and iron core inductor?


Hollow inductor is more suitable for the occasion with wider frequency, and solid reactance has serious frequency tendency; also That is to say, the hollow inductive reactance allows most audio or audio frequencies to pass, while the solid inductive reactance is selective and only allows a part to pass.

How to put LCD video brochure into commercial marketing?


In the creation of LCD video brochures, everyone in the team exerted their own professional advantages to break the traditional thinking of self-promotion for business people and enterprises.

What are the requirements of the textile finishing agent in the finishing process?


The finishing process is mostly related to the modification of the fiber surface (outer surface and inner surface). In terms of the requirements of the textile finishing agent, in addition to giving it a new feel style or a new surface visual style, it also requires that these styles be maintained as long as possible.
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